after the OB27 update, there has not been that great of a change in the Battle Tag system. Here are the easiest Battle Tags you can grab!

The Battle and Social Tag system was first introduced in the OB26 update of Garena Free Fire. Players can show off these tags in their profiles for others to admire. But, there's a difference between those two. Unlike Social Tags, Battle Tags must be earned through in-game performances. In other words, players have to complete certain conditions to unlock them.

Free Fire Project CobraWhich Battle Tags are easy to get?

Also, by completing a condition multiple times, players can also upgrade their Battle Tags. Each upgrade will change the color of the tag, corresponding to its level. Here's how many times you need to complete a Battle Tag mission to upgrade it:

  • Bronze: 1 time
  • Silver: 30 times
  • Gold: 80 times

3 Battle Tags You Van Grab With Ease In Garena Free Fire After OB27 Update

After the OB27 update, there has not been that great of a change in the Battle Tag system. The three easiest ones to grab for Free Fire survivors are:

The Dominator

To achieve this tag, you have to eliminate opponents and be the final survivor. Since its condition is the same as the goal of the BR mode anyway, this is just a piece of cake. All you have to do is to give your best and win a game!Dominator tag in Free FireThe Dominator Tag in Free Fire

The Uncrowned

Uncrowned tag in Free FireThe Uncrowned Tag in Free Fire

This tag requires you to eliminate opponents but not survive till the end. Simple, right? Just take out the enemies and not win the game.

The Wrestler

Grab your shotgun and kill enemies in close range to unlock the Wrestler Battle Tag. You can also obtain this by defeating opponents in close-range combats with any type of weapon, even with your fists.

Wrestler tag in Free FireThe Wrestler Tag in Free Fire

How to Equip Battle Tags in Garena Free Fire?

Follow the steps below to equip your Battle Tags in Garena Free Fire:

  • #1: Open your profile section and choose the icon next to your personal name badge.

Click on the iconClick this icon

  • #2: Choose ‘Style’, and various tags/styles will appear.

Equip the required battle tagEquip the Battle Tags

  • Step 3: Pick the Battle Tags you want to equip

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