Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 is now up for pre-order. Purchase the Elite Pass in advance to win an exclusive Scarecrow Grenade skin for free!

As July is soon to end, Garena has finally revealed the next Elite Pass of August 2021. Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 is now up for pre-order, which also comes with an exclusive bonus reward. Here's what you need to know about the new Elite Pass!

Ss39 Elite PassThe Elite Pass Season 39 is up for pre-order until 12 AM today.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 Theme And Pre-Order

The new Elite Pass will take on the theme of Wildland Walkers. It's a surreal depiction of the wild wild West, in a more thrilling vibe. The pre-order has been up since July 29th, 2021. Players can still purchase the Elite Pass Season 39 in advance to win an exclusive reward: The Scarecrow Grenade. As usual, the pre-order price will be 999 Diamonds - the same as the Elite Pass bundle.

Elite Pass: Wildland Walkers | Garena Free Fire

Prices for Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39

The Season 39 of the Elite Pass will come in two variants. The normal Elite Pass alone costs 499 Diamonds. Players can also purchase the Elite Bundle for 999 Diamonds. This comes with a 50-Badge headstart and other additional perks.

Ss39 Elite Pass Pre OderPlayers can pre-order the Elite Pass for 999 Diamonds.

Players can buy the Elite Pass directly from the Free Fire client. Also, those who choose not to buy the Pass will still be able to enjoy the Free Pass. It's available for all players, but the rewards are less encouraging. In case players upgrade the Pass to Elite, the rewards will stack.

Ss39 Elite Pass PriceIt's more expensive, but the rewards are much better.

And don't forget the ongoing Free Fire x McLaren collaboration. The world-famous supercar manufacturer is bringing its top-tier vehicles into the game. You also have a chance to win various exclusive rewards, cosmetics, and skins from the events. There's your only chance to claim the McLaren Racing Overalls bundle. Don't miss it!

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 Free Rewards

  • Pickup Truck Skin (Wildland Walker) – 0 Badges
  • Avatar – 5 Badges

Wildland Walker BannerWildland Walker Avatar Frame

  • Avatar – 10 Badges
  • Wildland Walker Female Jacket – 15 Badges
  • Banner – 30 Badges
  • Wildland Walker Vest – 40 Badges

Wildland Walker VestWildland Walker Vest (Male)

  • Wildland Walker Female Bundle – 50 badges
  • Treatment Gun skin (Scarecrow) – 80 badges
  • Wildland Walker T-shirt – 100 badges

Wildland Walker T ShirtWildland Walker T-Shirt

  • Lantern of Doom Backpack skin – 100 badges
  • Banner – 115 Badges
  • Wildland Slasher – 125 badges
  • The Walker Emote – 140 badges
  • Wildland Walker Banner – 150 Badges

Wildland Walker BannerWildland Walker Banner

  • Scarecrow Strikes Parachute skin – 200 Badges

Scarerow StrikesScarecrow Strikes Parachute skin

  • Male Bundle – 225 Badges

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