Genshin Impact Durin and Rhinedottir are not playable characters, they still play important parts in Genshin Impact's story. Let's see who they are here.

Albedo is the main character in the wish banner and many events in the current update. Genshin Impact Durin and Rhinedottir have a special connection with this handsome character. Let's check out who are they and what is their relationship with Albedo here.

I. Genshin Impact Durin

Durin has appeared in a very short cutscene in the video about Dvalin and Barbatos. He is the shadow dragon who often causes chaos in Mondstadt. Then, Dvalin will solve these problems caused by Durin. Durin is said to poison Dvalin with his poisoned blood and make the Stormterror controlled by the Abyss Order. Therefore, Travelers have to purify Dvalin's blood in many Archon Quests in Mondstadt.

Durin HeartDurin's blood was poisoned.

Durin has a monstrous appearance of a skeleton dragon. Before being corrupted by Rhinedottir who hasn't appeared in this game yet, Durin was a kind dragon with a gentle heart. He also wanted to make friends and be close to Dvalin. But the corruption made Durin lose his mind. According to the lore of Dragonspine, the Spear and Festering Desire here were made from this shadow dragon.

Durin And DvalinDurin and Dvalin became opponents after Durin was corrupted.

The word Festering Desire is also related to his dream of being a hero dragon. In the event 'The Chalk Prince and the Dragon' revolving around Albedo character, Traveler and Paimon have to purify this sword. This dragon also appeared in the current Shadows Amidst Snowstorms.

Wait, Albedo & Durin are Brothers!?

II. Genshin Impact Rhinedottir

Rhinedottir is a mysterious NPC in Genshin Impact. She is also known as 'Gold' or 'The Great Sinner'. This NPC hasn't appeared in any cutscene of the game but she is still very well-known because of her creations, including monster swarms. Both Albedo and Durin are her creations. That's why Albedo called Durin his brother. Albedo was created through alchemy by this secret woman.

Rhinedottircreated AlbedoRhinedottir created Albedo through alchemy.

Although Rhinedottir and Durin are not playable characters, they still play important parts in Genshin Impact's story.

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