All you have to do is wait and your AFK fish farm will get you a ton of fish and experience when you get back.

Fishing is often an overlooked activity in Minecraft because it is time-consuming and you rarely get any valuable items. That being said, there is a wonderful way to make use of this mechanic and get items while you are away and that is an AFK fish farm.

What is an AFK fish farm? How to make an AFK fish farm in Minecraft? Check out this article if you want to know how to make an AFK fish farm in Minecraft.

Table of Contents

  • What is an AFK Fish Farm?
  • How To Make An AFK Fish Farm In Minecraft
  • How to operate an AFK fish farm
  • Is AFK farming cheating?

What is an AFK Fish Farm?

An AFK fish farm is an easy method to get large quantities of fish and other items by fishing. It often requires you to build a system. Most AFK fish farm designs involve you right-clicking an iron door with a tripwire above it. This will cause the fish you caught to flow into a hopper and then a collection chest.

Using an AFK fish farm, you can get a lot of experience and items while you are away doing something else.

How To Make An AFK Fish Farm In Minecraft

There are many AFK fish farm designs in Minecraft. Here, we will show you how to make an AFK fish farm designed by YouTuber Illuminado.

Minecraft AFK Fish Farm Tutorial - 1.17 *EASY* (Java Edition)

Require material for an AFK fish farm

In order to build this AFK fish farm, you need to get all the materials below. All of them are pretty easy to craft obtain even in the very early game.

  • Bucket of water
  • A note block
  • A dirt block
  • Iron weighted pressure plate
  • Hopper
  • Fence
  • Two chests
  • Iron trapdoor

Making an AFK fish farm

Now, if you have collected all the materials we listed above then here is how you can build an AFK fish farm.

It is also quite simple to set up this AFK fish farm, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Dig a 3x1 hole on the ground in the L shape. Place a Double chest in the hole and connect a hopper to it.
  • Place a single fence block on top of the hopper and a heavily weighted pressure plate on top of the fence. If you find yourself interacting with the chest or the hopper accidentally, holding Shift.

Minecraft Afk Fish FarmDig an L shape hole on the ground and put your chest and hopper in

  • Dig another hole right next to the hopper. Use a water bucket on the hopper so the water flows into the hole.
  • Place a note block in line with the water. Place a dirt block on top of the note block.
  • Take an Iron trap door and place it at the bottom ridge of the dirt block.

Minecraft Afk Fish Farm 1Here is how a finished Minecraft Afk Fish Farm looks like

  • Now you have your AFK fish farm.

How to operate an AFK fish farm

Follow these steps to start your AFK fish farm:

  • Equip a fishing rod.
  • Aim at the Iron trap door and hold right-click. As long as you hold the right-click, you will fish forever. Anything you caught will transfer to the chest.

Minecraft Afk Fish Farm 2Use your fishing rod and aim at the trap door, make sure to aim correctly or it won't workMinecraft Afk Fish Farm 3If you have done everything correctly, the result should look like this

  • You can use an auto clicker to keep your mouse hold. You can also press F3 +T while holding your mouse and you will fish automatically.
  • To end the AFK fish farm, just right lick one more time.

Note that you cannot get treasure from this AFK Fish Farm. Since the 1.16 update, you can only treasure from water sources that are at least 5x5x4. Still, this is a really good way to get experience and fish without having to do anything. This is also a very great method for beginners to try.

Is AFK farming cheating?

Consider how efficient and simple this method is, many players are afraid that this is considering a bug or cheating. However, there are tons of these tricks like Minecraft. Furthermore, the game mechanic allows this so it is definitely not cheating. Also, this is Minecraft, literally a game where you are supposed to build whatever you want.

are Minecraft AFK fish farms CHEATING?

Some players don't like this method because it takes a lot of hardship out of the game. Anyway, if AFK farming is considering cheating, at most it will be fixed and that is about it. If you think making an AFK fish farm will make your game more fun, less grinding, boring then by all means go for it.

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