The Japanese gamers have so creative way to celebrate the 30 years anniversary of Game Boy by Nintendo.

This year is a special year for Nintendo. April 21st, 2019 marked 30 years since the first debut of Game Boy console by this Japanese game developer. this 30 years anniversary of Game Boy - one of the most classic consoles in Japan - is celebrated by Nintendo's fans all over the world. Although Nintendo has released more advanced version of this console: Game Boy Color, the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Micro, but the true fan still love the first version so much.

6cjte3qThe classic console by Nintendo is loved by Japanese gamers so much

Game Boy is an 8-bit handheld console solely developed and made by Nintendo. The release of this console (April 21, 1989) was a giant breakthrough in Japanese gaming industry at that moment, and the Japanese gamers welcomed the console very much. After the success in Japan, Nintendo released the console in North America in July 1989, and in Europe in 1990. Wherever Game Boy went, this console achieved huge success.

There have been a hastage on Twitter - #ゲームボーイ30周年 (Game Boy’s 30th Anniversary) - among Japanese gamers to show their love and admiration toward this console and Nintendo. We have gathered here some interesting post on Twitter about this topic. Let's find out how Japanese gamers love this classic console by Nintendo:

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