A professional PUBG Mobile ASSAULTER often uses assault rifles and plays as tankers in their teams. Here are tips for assaulters in this game.

PUBG Mobile assaulter is an important role in the PUBG Mobile squad, especially in pro teams. Here are some must-know assaulter tips we learn from pro assaulters in PMPL.

Assaulter Tips In PUBG Mobile

Assaulters often use assault rifles and play as tankers in their teams. Check out some tips to become a pro assaulted in this shooting game.

  • Use powerful ARs with a high rate of fire and large ammo capacity. You should use two ARs. For example, pro assaulters often use an M416 and a Beryl M762 to counter enemies in short and mid-range combat.

Use A Combo Of Two ArsUse A Combo Of Two ARs

  • Always keep a red dot or holo in your backpack. When you have to rush or engage in close combat, use the red dot or holo to aim and shoot.

Master Hip Fire SkillMaster Hip Fire Skills

  • Get used to hip-fire. You should master this skill so that you can reflex and counter quickly when encountering unexpected enemies.

Assaulters Never DriveAssaulters Never Drive

  • Master left-peek spray and right-peek spray. Don't stand still and spray bullets when facing the enemy in close combat or will you become an easy target and get knocked.

Practice Makes PerfectPractice Makes Perfect

  • Pro assaulters in PMPL can spray accurately with the iron sight. At the early stage of the match, you cannot find scope attachments, such as a red dot or holo, you need to aim with the iron sight.

Use A Powerful Ar With A High Rate Of FireUse A Powerful Ar With A High Rate Of Fire

  • Moreover, those pro players can spray to kill an enemy in mid-range combat only with a red dot. Therefore, you need to keep the crosshair steady so that all bullets go accurately.

Be Able To Master All WeaponsBe Able To Master All Weapons

  • Pro assaulters should be able to spray bullets with all kinds of scope. They often use a stable AR, such as Groza or M416 to spray bullets more accurately and stably in mid-range combat.

Be Able To Spray With All ScopesBe Able To Spray With All Scopes

  • Practice makes perfect. These pro assaulters spend hours practicing with teammates and other pro players. Then, they can fight with all kinds of weapons.

Learn Assaulting - PUBG MOBILE

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