The pro gamer of Team Liquid Hungrybox has just been thrown a dead scab at after having just won the Pround 2019 tournament.

Pro gamer Juan ‘Hungrybox’ DeBiedma from Team Liquid was just harassed by the fans at a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament in an extremely unique way that we have never seen before. Right after Hungrybox won the grand finals of the tournament, someone threw a dead scab at him.

Screenshot 6Juan ‘Hungrybox’ DeBiedma

Juan ‘Hungrybox’ DeBiedma took part in the Pound 2019, a championship for the game Melee. The tournament was held at Laurel Park, Maryland. This tournament features Melee. This game was released in 2001 but still remains hot until today.

Hungrybox is one of the most successful pro gamers of the game Melee. And just right after he won the Pound 2019 after beating Joseph ‘Mang0’ Marquez in the grand finals, he was thrown a dead scab at. The footage of the incident was captured by a fan. He uploaded the incident on a tweet of his.

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