The ban of PUBG Mobile in Nepal has been revoked by the country's Supreme Court.

PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly one of the mobile games in the market right now, but its massive popularity has also made it a center of a lot of controversy as parents from countries such as India, UAE, and Nepal are all calling for the game to be banned.

Previously, we reported that the government of Nepal had issued a ban on this the popular Battle Royale, following which the Nepal Telecommunications Authority issued an order directing all service providers in the country to prevent all Internet traffic that came from PUBG servers.

Pubg Mobile Banned In NepalThe game was banned in Nepal

Now, however, just less than 2 weeks after the ban was issued, it has been revoked by the Nepal Supreme Court. This happened after a few lawyers took to the Apex Court to challenge the initial PUBG Mobile ban. According to Justice Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada, the game was nothing more than just a game used as a mean for entertainment.

A statement issued by the Court read: "Since press freedom and freedom of expression are guaranteed by the constitution, it is necessary to prove that such bans are just, fair and reasonable, and the actions of the authorities concerned are wise and logical... if the ban was allowed to remain in effect, it could adversely impact people's rights to freedom."

Pubg Ban Nepal AgainstMany people believe the ban violates people's rights to freedom

PUBG Mobile is facing a similar situation in India, where, for a while, several cities in the Gujarat state imposed a restriction against it. And, again just like in Nepal, the Internet Freedom Foundation also filed a Public Interest Litigation to the Gujarat High Court to challenge the ban, as the Foundation believed that this ban went against multiple articles of the constitution. However, this PIL was later dismissed.

In any case, a straight up ban on PUBG Mobile doesn’t make much sense, as it is not the only battle royale game out there. Surely, players will just find another game to play. A more reasonable solution would be to implement a playtime limit system. That would certainly help address the growing addiction problem that, admittedly, a part of the PUBG Mobile player base is suffering from.

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