PUBG Mobile Version 1.4 has introduced a new aim mode OTS. Check out how to use this new aim mode to get Chicken Dinner in this game.

PUBG Mobile Update 1.4 has introduced a new aim mode - OTS. It stands for "Over the shoulder". Check out how to use PUBG Mobile OTS mode to get Chicken Dinner.

Table of Contents

  • What Is OTS Mode?
  • Disadvantage Of OTS Mode
  • When You Should Use OTS Mode
  • Best Sensitivity For OTS 

What Is OTS Mode?

Over the shoulder (OTS) is a new aim mode that makes sure your body will not cover your crosshair when you use hip-fire. It's pretty different from the normal aim mode. The new aim mode helps reduce the vertical recoil when using hip-fire. Besides, the bullets also concentrate better. Thus, the OTS aim mode increases the accuracy and makes the crosshair more steady.

Ots Mode Verion 1 4The new aim mode 'Over the shoulder' made its debut in PUBG Mobile Update 1.4.

Disadvantage Of OTS Mode

This aim mode will reduce the movement speed of PUBG Mobile players. When you activate this aim mode, you will move slowlier. Therefore, it's pretty risky because you can become an easy target for enemies to aim and fire. When you tap the OTS button and run towards or move jiggly.

Ots ButtonIt makes you move slowlier.

When You Should Use OTS Mode

As this aim mode reduce your movement speed, you shouldn't use it frequently, especially when you engage in open fights. So, you should only activate OTS aim mode when staying behind a cover and camp the enemy. This aim mode will be more effective and less dangerous for players when you stay behind the cover.

Activate Ots ModeEnabble the OTS mode in the setting.

Make sure that you can predict the movement of enemies and shoot accurately to kill them before they can find a cover. For example, you can activate OTS aim mode when spraying enemies moving on open ground when you stand in a high mountain or house.

Ots Aim ButtonTap the button to activate this aim mode.

You can stand on the high floor and shoot the moving target on the ground more accurately with this new aim mode. When you use this aim mode in the crouching pose, it will be more accurate than when you stand. Therefore, this aim mode helps the sniper players finish the targets faster.

How To Use New OTS Mode In PUBG Mobile

Best Sensitivity For OTS

You should leave the sensitivity of both TPP aim and FPP aim the same. The best sensitivity level for TPP aim and FPP aim is 120% in both No Scope and ADS settings. If you are a Gyro player, leave the TPP aim and FPP aim sensitivity at 400%.

Sensitivity SettingThe best sensitivity setting for OTS mode is 120%.

The crosshair will become smaller when you use SMGs with an OTS aim mode. Moreover, your crosshair will not move too much when you switch between stand and crouch or prone. It's also more stable than the normal aim. In addition, the crosshair size doesn't increase much when you jump like when you use the normal aim.

Ots Smg CrosshairThis new aim mode makes the SMG's crosshair smaller, so you can shoot more accurately.

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