These are the top 3 most dangerous flying mobs in Minecraft and they can be very tricky to deal with if you don't know how to.

The Minecraft survival mode is not a forgiving world to live in at all as there are dozens of mobs are out there trying to kill you. Among all the mobs in Minecraft, only a small number of them are flying mobs, but these creatures can be much more dangerous than other mobs. In this article, we will show you the top 3 most dangerous mobs in Minecraft.

1. Ghast

Ghasts are big, white floating mobs that can be found in the Nether. These mobs are very aggressive and they will shoot fireballs at players on sight. Players will almost always die if they get hit by a fireball.

You can detect Ghasts from far away by their high-pitched noises and cries. To defeat a Ghast, you can use a ranged weapon or deflect fireballs back at the. You can defect Ghast's fireball using melee weapons, projectiles, fishing lures.

Ghast MinecraftGhast is a huge ghost that can shoot fireballs.

2. Phantom

Phantoms are hostile flying mobs that appear when players haven't slept for 3 days. They go in packs of 1 to 4. They are one of the fastest mobs in Minecraft and they can deal significant damage to players, making it really hard to deal with them. These creatures can also travel underwater and cannot drown.

However, there is one simple way to deal with Phantoms, using cats. Phantoms are afraid of cats so they will try to stay away at least 16 blocks away.

Phantom MinecraftPhantoms are one of the fastest mobs in Minecraft.

3. Blaze

Blazes are unique mobs that only spawn in the Nether Fortress. They drop Blaze Rods, which is an important ingredient to make Healing Potion and other essential items. Blazes' attack shot 3 fireballs at players from up to 48 blocks away. When it takes damage, it will call nearby Blazes to attack the attacker. If players touch a Blaze, they will take 6 damage.

Blazes' fireballs cannot be deflected but can be blocked by a shield. The best way to deal with them is to deal damage from far away using a bow. It's also easier to dodge their fireballs from a long distance.

Blaze MinecraftBlazes drop Blaze Rods, an important item in Minecraft.

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