'Maybe the real impact was the friends we made along the way'

Genshin Impact has gone quite a journey with four nations being introduced and the release of 62 playable characters at the time of writing. While secrets are expected to be disclosed, one of the things that intrigued fans the most is how Genshin Impact story will end.

That’s when Genshin Impact ending theory stirred up talks on many platforms. And here’s a list of the best ones that we encountered.

Table of Contents

  • 1. There will be no reunion for the twins
  • 2. The endboss will be Celestia
  • 3. The time loop theory
  • 4. Paimon returns to her real form
  • Which one makes sense the most?

1. There will be no reunion for the twins

Intrigued as it is, this is one pick among the sad Genshin theories fans have agreed to have a possibility to happen.

Many events occurred in the game are said to be foreshadowing the end of the story, where between the Traveler and their sibling, one will not survive. For instance, we can see the examples of:

  • Albedo and the impostor
  • Xiao and the illusion of himself

Albedo ImpostorAs of now, "twins" is like a curse in Genshin Impact.

Regarding the same kind of theory, some players have discussed their own deduction. At the end of the story, there will be a final boss battle in Khaenri’ah and the Traveler will have to fight their sibling. The important detail is the other sibling has been corrupted by the Abyss.

The Traveler tries to purify their sibling but unfortunately, it is impossible to happen. As they call on the powers of the Abyss to end the Traveler and destroy all of Teyvat, you, aka the main character, have no choice but to end the war by plunging your sword through their heart.

2. Genshin ending theory: The endboss will be Celestia

Celestia is considered a sacred place in Genshin Impact and every road on Teyvat is said to lead to Celestia. But a quite known Genshin Impact ending theory implied that this will be the endboss in the game.

Abyss Celestial TheorySome say the last boss in Genshin Impact will be Celestia. (Abyss is located on a C-shaped island)

Some players have noticed that the island where the Spiral Abyss is located has the shape of a C. Also, Celestia starts with C and there are 5 smaller islands around it. And guess what? The “Abyss” has 5 letters. Mindblown!

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3. The time loop theory

Another Genshin Impact ending theory is that we are actually caught in a time loop. The twins will switch roles each time it restarts.

As the two siblings have traveled through Teyvat and presumably “learn the truth” of the world as the journey ends. However, something happens that makes one of the twins (the Traveler) falls into a coma and loses all memories.

Genshin Timeloop TheoryWhat will happen at the end of Genshin? Is it true that we are in a time loop?

But when the Traveler wakes up and the two are trying to leave Teyvat, the Unknown God blocks their way and separates them, sending one of the siblings into a 500-year sleep.

When the Traveler wakes up, their memory is vague and jumbled up. As they fish Paimon out and start their journey through the land, their memory slowly comes back and the cycle continues itself.

Venti Timeloop TheoryA Venti's saying that proves this Genshin ending theory.

This Genshin time loop theory is one of the best discussions when it comes to the question of “What will happen at the end of Genshin Impact?”.

4. Paimon returns to her real form

There are several hints in Genshin Impact that point to Paimon's supposedly evil nature.

One of the most popular theories in Genshin Impact is that Paimon will turn evil in the end. Many players believed that Paimon shares a lot in common with the Unknown God.

Paimon Is The Last Boss In Genshin B67a_wmIs Paimon evil? This is still a controversy among players.

However, other players do not necessarily think this can prove anything. One evidence if Paimon’s status as the Genshin Impact mascot which makes it quite hard to believe that she will be the villain who betrays the main character someday.

Also, the color scheme involving Paimon and the Unknown God is actually proven to be not accurate. In fact, some colors are opposite on the color wheel.

Which one makes sense the most?

Many players are wondering where the end of Genshin Impact goes, especially when so many layers have not been unwrapped.

The similarity of nearly all endings is we will have to fight a big boss in the end.

Genshin ending theoryGenshin ending theory: no matter what happens, prepare the best for the end.

In a quest with Diluc, in the end, he tells us that we can ask him for help if we need any help. Ganyu also said the same thing in her quest. Maybe the final fight is when we gather the most powerful characters to fight off the most viable enemies.

We have not known whether this is the implication for anything. However, keep in mind that practice makes perfect. The more we play, the more strategies we learn along the way, the better we will get at any given battle.

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