Skyler is the current META character in Free Fire, who contributes to a lot of pro matches. Here are the best characters to combo with him.

After Chrono's rework in OB31, people have stopped using the character and just use Gloo grenades instead. This leaves the active skill slot open... and the best candidate for it is Skyler. His ability destroy Gloo walls, allowing players to either rush or flank enemies.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best characters to combo with Skyler in Free Fire Ob32.

Table of Contents

  • 1. D-Bee
  • 2. Dasha
  • 3. Jota
  • 4. Nairi
  • 5. Hayato


1. D-Bee

D-Bee's ability is probably one of the best skills to have if you are a rusher. At max level, players would gain 15% movement speed and 35% accuracy when they move and fire at the same time.

This allows players to zip around with an SMG and rush enemies at lightning speed. The movement speed bonus stacks with Alok and Chrono's skill as well, which can enhance your rushes even further.

D-BeeBullet Beats is amongst the best skills for rushers.

Unlike a lot of skills in Free Fire, D-Bee's ability works on all guns, so you don't have to worry about changing weapons. The only weakness of this skill is that it is rather hard to get used to.

2. Dasha

Dasha's ability deals with the recoil issue that players often have when rushing. It reduces both recoil and recoil buildup, allowing players to control their sprays much more easily.

The extra component of reducing fall damage also works pretty well in Sniper builds. You can just jump straight down from your vantage point without having to worry about taking damage. This is great amongst passive skills for snipers.

Free Fire DashaDasha's recoil reduction can be super useful with the right weapons.

3. Jota

Jota's ability is much easier to use now in comparison with the earlier version. The skill now heals players when they hit enemies with bullets instead of after a kill - this gives Jota users an advantage in a duel right away. In combination with Skyler, players would be able to regenerate a lot of HP in combat.

Free Fire JotaJota's ability has no restriction at all.

4. Nairi

Nairi is yet another character in Free Fire that revolves around Gloo wall. His ability allows players to heal their own Gloo wall over time while dealing extra damage to enemy walls with ARs. Having this skill allow players to combat walls much more effectively while boosting their own Gloo construct.

Nairi Character In Free FireNairi is the newest character in Free Fire.

While the damage bonus only work on AR, the Gloo wall heal is more than enough to combo with Skyler in Free Fire.

5. Hayato

Overall, Hayato's skill is just too good in a duel. With Bushido passive, Hayato users can get up to 90% armor penetration on their shots (based on HP). This combo pretty well with Skyler's skill, which destroys Gloo walls to force an aim duel.

Hayato Free FireYou can buy Hayato in Free Fire for 8,000 gold.

This lets Hayato users come out on top in duels even in the late game. You can even awaken that skill to go on a melee build with Kla's passive.

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